Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stamping and Scrapbooking Expo

Wow, so I got the opportunity to work in Terri Ott's booth for Eyelets Etc. It really was my only way to get some TAC info out to people other then handing out flyers which they would not have liked. It wasn't easy because I really was there to work for her but whenever I had the opportunity to bring up theangelcompany then I would. I got a couple of leads and a possible recruit that I meet with tomorrow so it was a productive 2 days.
I am still struggling with the hormone imbalance issue so my Friday and my funshop Friday night weren't the greatest. Thankfully, the rest of the weekend I felt good. It's one of those things that the doc said is a process to figure out what I need to feel right and good. It's definitely improved but still needs tweeking to avoid the headaches and now naseau. Yuck. It's like being pregnant without being pregnant. No fun!!!
My bat mitvah invitation order is just about complete so I am looking for more work. Need some cards, invites or scrapbooks made? Point people my way, please!
My good friend, Michelle, is having her funshop with me on Thursday. I am really enjoying doin the funshops for people. It's great to show people about TAC and stamping and scrapbooking. I have the knowledge and skills so it would be a shame to keep it all to myself. Besides, we always have fun. Gotta a couple of new classes lined up for Sept and Oct that I will be offering so make sure to check out my website for details. www.janinerobertson.com Off to clean the basement...

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Matthew Sermon Series #1
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