Monday, April 27, 2009

2nd Year Anniversary

It's scary how time flies by so quickly. I have learned a lot in the last two years being an Angel. I have really only actively done my business as a business in the last year but I am very pleased with it's progression. I have met some awesome ladies, had a lot of fun and created SO many things. Being an Angel has put me in the position where I must stretch and grow with my hobbies, learning more and in turn passing on what I know to others. I have a particular friend who has really been a great supporter of mine so I made a card in honor of her that can be made at my Open House Crop-Shop-Swap on May 9th. It's a humorous card about being positive which can be challenging with the world the way it is and throw in hormone problems and it really can be tough. I hope many of you can come by on the 9th to crop, shop and swap any unwanted stamps and make this card to send to someone who could use a positivity boost!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

TAC Bag is very cool!

I have to say for the price it was worth it. It was like Christmas going through the bag of stamp seeing what they all were. I seperated them out according to size and than layed one after another on top of the Creative Cling sheet that comes with it so that I could get as many mounted on the cling as I could. I still have about 1/4 of the stamp left to mount, so I will need to buy a sheet of Creative Cling. I mounted the ones I wanted to use right away and left the more seasonal and holiday ones for later. I was really happy getting this one stamp that I know was in the catalog last year that I always wanted to get but never did. Most of the other ones I didn't recognize so they may have been before I became an angel. Anyways, it was a great surprise. You can still get a TAC Bag. Order at my website at It's under the special promotions category on the left or if your in my town, call or email me to order. I am putting in a party order in the next few days so let me know ASAP!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

TAC BAG Promo!

I have never actually purchased when they've done promotions like this but I hear about it from other Angels and it really does sound like a great deal. This one is easy on the pocket book at only $15.95. I will definitely be trying it out and looking forward to the suprise assortment of stamps I get. Let me know if you want to get one too and I will get one ordered for you! Click on the picture of the flyer and it will take you to The Angel Company website. Just click on Promotions on the right and find the flyer and click on it and you can view the entrie flyer. Not sure why I am only getting a partial picture of the flyer? You know me, techniqually challenged but always striving to learn.

Matthew Sermon Series #1

Matthew Sermon Series #1
Faithbooking-Applying the Word to your Life