Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life is busy but I still find the time to create.

The last few months have been crazy with a new job, health issues, school starting and lots of other things on my plate that I sometimes wonder why did I say yes to. You ever feel that way? Anyways, regardless of how much is going on in my life, I make the time to create. It is my therapy, my form of relaxation, my joy and makes me feel just GOOD! With Halloween coming upon us, I got inspired with a new stamp set called Spookacilious in TAC new magaloge called Inspiration Avenue. You can check it out on my website at I created a couple Halloween cards and made up a mini album that is just too freaking cute. Another angel gave one to me at Seminar and I figured out how she did it and like magic created this too cool fold-out mini album. I call the peek-a-boo album because it has doors you open. I hope you can make it to a project playground this month or sometime soon to try out some of the awesome projects I have come up with.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Latest creations

I have just finished 3 school days albums for a customer and started playing around with some stamped images from some of the new stamp sets in Inspiration Avenue that Julie, my up-line angel sent me. Thanks Julie! It's always fun when you get new stamp sets because it just gets those creative juices flowing. I also plugged away for a few days getting together a card order of 40 birthday cards for a customer. I ended up using my stash of scraps for cards that I organize by sizes small, medium and large. Wow, that was so fun! So, I will get slide shows of both my Christmas designs I just did and the birthday cards made from scraps probably tomorrow. The bus is going to be here any minute so no time to add the pictures. Sorry. Check tomorrow or the next day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What's changing at the studio!

The last 2 months have been a whirlwind with starting a new job and adjusting to life working outside of the home. I knew that I spent most of my waking moments in the studio before making cards, scrapbooks or doing stuff like this for my business but you don't realize how much time you put into things until you don't have that time available anymore. I love making things for people and I love having people over to make things so it's not something I am going to just give up. I have invested the last 3 years of my life to growing my business and I love it! But I did have to come up with a way to balance my life with new job, family and business without business taking every moment of my free time. So, what I am going to do is combine all the little classes I was having into one class called Project Playground. Project Playground will take place on one weekend day and one weeknight a month. I will several projects for you to choose from. You will be able to come choose your project or projects and pay for what you make. The projects will be anything from mini albums to specialty cards and lots of other paper crafting projects. The slideshow is a representation of the projects that are currently available. If there is a project you see that you really want to do, you may reserve it for one upcoming project playground day or ask about purchasing the kit to do complete on your own. When a project is out of supplies, that's it so it is a first come first serve kind of thing. I will only be making enough supplies for a project with what I have. If it is wildly popular, I can always re-stock the supplies for a future Project Playground day. Sept Project Playground days and times are as follows: Thurs, Sept 17th 7pm or Sat, Sept 26th 1pm-5pm. The daytime Project Playgrounds will be more flexible as you can come and start your project anytime within the open time frame. All my projects will have an approximate time it will take on it so you can know ahead of time if you will have time to do another project, etc.
My card buffets will continue on the third Sunday afternoons of the month and my crop club is on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays from 3pm-9pm. Email me for more information on anything happening at the studio!

Monday, July 27, 2009

One Stop Shop

Many business women in Colorado Springs are joining together to raise money and donated items for the ONE STOP SHOP Back to School Fundraiser! This will be held on Saturday, August 15th from 9am-3pm at The Multi-Purpose Bldg. 1025 Ford Street COS 80915(East of Powers, Corner of Galley & Ford Street). There will be all kinds of advertisement, T.V. and a radio station will be present to help us raise money and get school items donated for all the needy families in our community. School supplies add up and some families have 3-5 children or more. It's just too heavy a burden. I hope you will come out and help these families and have some fun shopping with the 28 business women who are putting this on. Your putting money right back into your community when you shop local! And I am not talking Wal-mart! I will have lots of fun items to help preserve your child/children's school memories, some great items to get your teachers and some other fun stuff you just gotta have. I hope you will support this cause. Any of my customers, friends and family who attend and order from me at the One Stop Shop will receive 10% off their order! I don't know about you but I can't wait for school to start!
This event is sponsored by Step up to Success and the Giving Circle, a new organization that helps our local community. There will be a chance to win over $500 in gift certificates! Admission is Free but we are requesting that you bring a school supply or $$ donation to help this cause and double your chance of winning!

Double Hostess Benefits are Back and More!

This is the best ever promotion and the best time to host a funshop because you can not only double your hostess benefits which means if you earn 1 half-priced item you actually earn TWO and same with the exclusive hostess stamp sets you can earn. Not only that but there's extra incentive to get in on this now rather then right at the end of the promotion as they will be rewarding you with bonus product. It's all in the flyer below. There are certain times when you can earn certain bonus rewards so take a look and see what bonus reward intices you. I can honestly say that doing any actual funshops is not possible for August as I have already got enough on my calendar but I don't want you to miss out on getting the AWESOME deal that double benefits and extra rewards will bring you so I am putting together some PARTY-in-a-BOX. The box will have a card kit with all items necessary for you to get together with your friends in a group or one-on-one. You make the card, tell them about what you have loved about The Angel Company and the products you have and show them the catalog. You get to keep the catalog and inspiration book and earn some great rewards and have fun on your own time with your friends playing with TAC. Anyone, anywhere can do this. I will ship a PARTY-in-a-Box anywhere in the U.S. Contact me today!

Life adjustments

The last couple of weeks have been so wild. I went into an interview, got the job before I left and was working at in 3 days later. The job itself is a good fit for me as it is part-time during school hours and not a stress making kind of job. The hard part has been getting child care for my daughter until school starts. My son is old enough to babysit but I can't subject both of them to the torture of being together like that M-F. Thank God for my friends and family who have taken my daughter on most days. She's having more fun now than before my job started! I have had lots less time to create and am working on balancing my family, business and other pursuits without any on particular one suffering. I will have to scale back on business stuff but it will probably be more on the creating scrapbooks for other end. I love the classes I do and just don't want to let that go. I had to create an easier designing method for my card buffets. It was much quicker to get all the designs done and the prep work should be very efficient so I will still be able to do them. I hope you will like having cards designed with the same paper collections. They are all different designs and for different occasions and I will make it so you can change the image or sentiment if you desire. Well, I must go get ready for work now but I will be back to the studio this afternoon and start cranking away getting ready for the One Stop Shop Back to School Fundraiser I will have a booth at on August 15th. ta,ta for now.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TAC Seminar

You know you go into something with little expectations and you get surprised in big ways. That's how it was for me this weekend at TAC Seminar in Witchita, KS. I was going to be rooming with unknown ladies and didn't know a soul but what a fabulous bunch of women. It so awesome to be part of such a great company that cares about you and each other. It so mirrors my own values and that's what I love! I was totally blown away when they called my name as a Rising Star award winner! I was in such shock but totally excited, too! Someone later told me that she didn't even know me and she was crying when I got the award. It was definitely a "Sally Field" moment! My roomies were so super awesome!!! It was a tremdously awesome weekend full of ideas, inspriation and lots of fun. I can't wait to see what the next year will bring with TAC. I love the new catty! I think it's a smart way to go in keeping things simpler. This hobby can be so overwhelming to people especially those that are just starting so I am really glad they have made it that much easier. I have a long list of stamp sets I wanna get and am working on what classes I will be teaching in the next few months. So much to do but so much fun! I just love TAC, all the angels and all my friends, family and especially my awesome customers. Have a great and safe 4th of July! God Bless you and America!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Graduated Chipboard & Acetate Album

I found this totally cute album on Heather Scott's blog. I modified slightly but I think it came out superb! For this class, I will have a variety of colors for you to choose from with the same accents of black and white. You can later add in any photos you want and keep or give as a gift.

Father's Day Flip Card a HUGE Success!

Wow! Did I ever need this! Thanks so much to all who came to the class but also to all that bought the kit to do on your own time. It's really not complicated and such a wonderful gift! I will have to do this class again and gear the kits for upcoming holidays like grandparents day, Halloween and Thanksgiving. I added photos to the slide show of the class and how the projects were coming together for everyone. Everyone of them was a UNIQUE CREATION! I love that!
I am working on my next new class called 5-2-1. You will be able to make 5 cards, 2 tags and 1 12x12 scrapbook page. This will be offered as a kit, too! Once you have the directions for the designs, etc. you will be able to do again and again on your own and only spend the amount for the 4 12x12 papers and the 3 sheets of 81/2x11 white cardstock. You will be able to make 5 cards, 2 tags and a scrapbook page for under $5!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to come up with a way to save you money and I have done it. I will do these classes as often as I can so you can get new designs. Check out the slide show of the two sample kits I have already put together. I will be offering the kit as is 5-2-1 kit or break it up and just offer the card part of it for less. Stay-tuned for more details.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Simplifying Things

I am re-thinking my plan for classes and events to offer. I put so much time into most of these and am not getting much out of it. I will be giving up the From Card to Crop monthly class as the attendance has dropped off the face of the earth. I love learning new techniques and want to share them but will now be offering this through my angel club. The angel club meets once a month on the 4th Tuesday evening of the month. I am now going to open it to anyone as a one time option. So, if you want to come learn some new techniques, sample some products you may have never tried and create some fun cards and other projects you can now come for the meeting. The cost will either be $15 in sales from The Angel Company or $5.00. Anyone is welcome to committ to it monthly and spend your $15 from TAC and you will be on the list to receive the benefits of hosting a funshop with free stamps sets and 1/2 priced items. I will be having open crop eveings that will vary from month to month as it will depend on my schedule and my family's schedule. These open crops will be available to anyone and everyone. I really just like to have the company when I am working on my things so... the monthly PMS crops will be eliminated.
In terms of classes, I will only be offering up classes that fit in with what I am doing for my projects like the Father's Day Scrap Flip Card class coming up and the School Portrait Page Funshop. I will be offering the kits as well for anyone that can't make the actual class but would really like to do the project.
The Card Buffets are the most attended events so I may add another Card Buffet in the evening for those that can't do weekend/day events. It will have to be a mini version as I can't have people staying too late so it will try doing 6 cards for $10. You will still have the option of choosing 2 designs but make 3 cards of each instead of 5. We'll give it a try and see how it works out. Of course, once I go to seminar later this month, I will probably being bursting with new ideas and stuff. Anyways, that is the current plan. I would love to hear from you on ideas or classes you would like to see!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Father's Day Scrap Flip Card

I created this card for a contest but ended up confusing the deadline and missed it. Darn it! But it came out so awesome that I just had to make it a class as it really isn't overly complicated and can be done in an evening. I did one for my hubbie for Father's Day and I did another originally for the contest that's all about my daughter. I will probably give it to my mom for her birthday in August. They are perfect for dad's to keep on their desks and work and whip out whenever the topic of their kids comes up. It has a magnetic closure and is the size of an A2 card. I create 3 tags for the pockets on the side flaps so I have some place to journal an even add another photo or two. You can probably use about 10-12 photos that can be cropped down for this project. You may or may not use them all but it's good to have options. For the one for my hubbie, I picked out photos throughout the last year of him doing things with the kids. The class is coming up on Thursday, June 11th at 7pm and the cost is $10. I will have a variety of different papers for you to choose from that best fit what you want. If you can't make the class, I would be happy to let you in on the instructions.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catelynne Kit Projects

Okay, so I got the Fly with it Collection called Catelynne and happened to have the Hemmingway Cardstock on hand that coordinated and decided I wanted to see how many projects I could make. Here's what I made:
Fold Out Scrap Card
Mini Accordion Album in a Tin
Card Caddy with 4 cards
3 individual cards
3 9x9 scrapbook pages I will be making into a vertical wall hanging with page protectors
1 12x12 scrapbook page with all the remaining scraps

I will be having classes on the Fold Out Scrap Card for Father's Day on June 11th and I will do a class in the near future making the mini accordion album. The card caddy can be found at I also used ribbon found on sale at Hobby Lobby and staples for most of my embellishments. I haven't figured out the cost as yet but I figure about $25 with adhesive, ribbons and all. I think a lot of people get a paper collection for one specific purpose so I think it's neat to see that there are lots of other things that can be done with all the left-over scraps!
If you are interested in trying out any of these projects or ordering you can email me at

Thursday, May 21, 2009

End of school year is here...

Oh No! I am so not ready! Teacher gifts, another Oh NO! I will scramble and be inspired just by the sheer nature of the time crunch. I will let you know what I come up with?
I am thinking about my school portrait pages. It's a tradition I started last year. I go over the school year with the kids and write down all the really stand-out memories that I don't want to be forgotten over time. These have to be one of my favorite scrapbook pages. I have them on the wall in the entry way and have gotten so many Grand compliments and "what a great idea" comments. Make some time to do this one scrapbook page or let me do it for you. I am doing a special on these pages for just $10. Email me if your interested in getting some done!

Monday, April 27, 2009

2nd Year Anniversary

It's scary how time flies by so quickly. I have learned a lot in the last two years being an Angel. I have really only actively done my business as a business in the last year but I am very pleased with it's progression. I have met some awesome ladies, had a lot of fun and created SO many things. Being an Angel has put me in the position where I must stretch and grow with my hobbies, learning more and in turn passing on what I know to others. I have a particular friend who has really been a great supporter of mine so I made a card in honor of her that can be made at my Open House Crop-Shop-Swap on May 9th. It's a humorous card about being positive which can be challenging with the world the way it is and throw in hormone problems and it really can be tough. I hope many of you can come by on the 9th to crop, shop and swap any unwanted stamps and make this card to send to someone who could use a positivity boost!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

TAC Bag is very cool!

I have to say for the price it was worth it. It was like Christmas going through the bag of stamp seeing what they all were. I seperated them out according to size and than layed one after another on top of the Creative Cling sheet that comes with it so that I could get as many mounted on the cling as I could. I still have about 1/4 of the stamp left to mount, so I will need to buy a sheet of Creative Cling. I mounted the ones I wanted to use right away and left the more seasonal and holiday ones for later. I was really happy getting this one stamp that I know was in the catalog last year that I always wanted to get but never did. Most of the other ones I didn't recognize so they may have been before I became an angel. Anyways, it was a great surprise. You can still get a TAC Bag. Order at my website at It's under the special promotions category on the left or if your in my town, call or email me to order. I am putting in a party order in the next few days so let me know ASAP!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

TAC BAG Promo!

I have never actually purchased when they've done promotions like this but I hear about it from other Angels and it really does sound like a great deal. This one is easy on the pocket book at only $15.95. I will definitely be trying it out and looking forward to the suprise assortment of stamps I get. Let me know if you want to get one too and I will get one ordered for you! Click on the picture of the flyer and it will take you to The Angel Company website. Just click on Promotions on the right and find the flyer and click on it and you can view the entrie flyer. Not sure why I am only getting a partial picture of the flyer? You know me, techniqually challenged but always striving to learn.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Savvy Projects Paper Crafting Contest

Yes... ALL... Paper crafters, Artists, Rubber Stampers, Scrapbookers, and those of us who just call ourselves Crafters. Angels. Customers of Angels. YOU! You are eligible! This contest is for you!

Clean off your project work station, kitchen counter, dining room table... wherever it is you create... and pull out your FAVORITE stamps and papers from The Angel Company.

We have several contest categories to choose from. Pick one, two, three... as many as you like. Enter as many items as you'd like in each category... let your CREATIVIITY shine!

Contest Categories:
Stamp Art
Scrap Art
Paper Art
Altered Art

What can you win?
There will be five (5) Blue Button Winners in each category and one (1) Grand Prize Winner in each category. Blue Button Winners will receive a TAC-Coded Stamp Set of their choice. Each Grand Prize Winner will receive $100 worth of TAC-Coded Stamps and/or TAC Papers of their choice.

How do I enter?
Send your entry to:
The Angel Company
Savvy Projects Contest
405 Saturn Avenue
Salina, Kansas 67401

Please label the back of each entry with the following information: Contest category you are submitting your entry for, Supplies used, Your Name, Adress, Telephone Number and Email Address.

What are the Rules?
Just like us...the rules are SIMPLE and OPEN to your interpretation and CREATIVITIY! All printed and patterned papers MUST be from The Angel Company. All Rubber stamps MUST be from The Angel Company. Solid papers may be used but must be from The Angel Company. Any printed and/or patterned papers or rubber stamps used that are NOT from The Angel Compny will disqualify the entry. All entries become the property of The Angel Company. Contest begins now and contest entries will be accepted through May 18, 2009. Contest winners will be announced by June 30, 2009

Spring into April Rewards

This is a great time to host a funshop! You can earn another free stamp set along with your 1/2 priced items with $250 or more in sales. Customers even have the option of purchasing these April Rewards stamp sets at a special price with a purchase of $30 or more. Even better, anyone who signs up to be an Angel in the month of April will get all of the April Reward stamps free! Check them out! Set a funshop date, make a purchase or become part of the Angel world and get these awesome stamp sets. Contact me for more information!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring is Here!

I am thoroughly enjoying my new stamp set from the magalogue called Graphic Flowers. It really is amazing how you can see a stamp set in the catalog and think "okay, maybe" and when you actually get it and start playing around with colors and whatnot it can change that first impression quite a bit. Black flowers in the catalog really doesn't do it justice. I have used this set a couple times in my upcoming events in April so you can check them out in the slideshow for April Projects. I am off to start playing around with another new set. So fun!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fresh Spring Things Promotion All Gone!

Wow, they actually ran out! I am so glad I got mine. If you were waiting or not sure about getting it, your luck is out. Thankfully, you can always use the stamp set at any open cropping event I have. It just goes to show that the economy is not totally in the dumps! I'm keeping positive. Are you? We need to keep the positive vibes going to turn things around!!! :) I will make a card or two for the card buffet coming up in April with the stamp set that just ran out. Check my blog again soon for a slideshow of upcoming events in April.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Felt Flip Album

I have been playing around with making the felt flip album that is in the new TAC magalogue. My first one came out okay but my second one is much better. Let me share a couple of tips so when you go to make one you don't make the same mistakes I made.
1. The embossed felt can be found at Hobby Lobby in the bottom right corner of the felt section.
2. You can use a 12" x 9" sheet! You can make two albums with one sheet.
3. Don't do the eyelets. Mine did not want to stay in the felt very well.
4. Don't do the ribbon around it to tie it together.
5. To create half moon pockets, cut your patterned paper 8" x 3", score at 4" and fold. Punch out a half circle with 1 1/2" circle punch. Adhere all the way up the sides as close to side as possible.
6. Cut tag inserts to 4"x 2 1/4".
7. Rub ink pad along all edges of half moon pocket to polish the look.
8. Stamp and embellish the flips and tags as you desire.
9. To make it close, purchase magnectic closures found at Archivers.
10. You will need to add a strip of patterned paper on both sides and put the magnetic closures on top of the patterned paper and put another strip on top of one side of the magnets sandwiching the magnet in between paper. This helps it not pull off the paper when you open it as the magnets are just way too strong. I ended up using a glue gun to secure the magnets on. I also used a glue gun for a flower with button for my front cover of the third one I just finished.
11. Adhere all the paper to felt with Wonder Tape.
Call or email me if you have any questions! I can order the Wonder Tape, embellishments, patterned paper and ribbons but you have to do the rest!

TAC Scrapbook Minis

I finally got around to taking photos of all my TAC scrapbook mini kits that I have put together. These kits are decieving in the catalog and aren't showcased very well so I figured it was about time I got what I have done into a slideshow so if you haven't seen mine in person yet, you could see how each kit can come together. These kits are all on double-sided cardstock so you choose your cover and how each page layouts with the next page. Even the cardstock embellishments are double-sided. This means everyone that puts a kit together will be a little different based on the choices you make. You also choose how to bind your kits. I have done mine with book rings and ribbon but there are other options like a wire binding using your Bind-it-all machine or get extra creative and look at what you might find to work in an office supply store. The great thing about these kits is they really are easy to put together and won't take you more than an hour or two. For those that have bought TAC kits and have yet to get to them here are some tips:
1. When popping out the parts from the large sheet it comes in, be sure to pull from the side and not push down or pull up as this could tear into the paper.
2. Sand off any nubs to make it look more polished
3. Look at other embellishing options to enhance the cardstock embellishments and/or to add more texture and interest. I used paper and felt flowers, brads and ribbons.
4. Don't forget you can add an even more unique touches to it by using some coordinating inks and stamps that fit your photos.
If you have any questions or would like some suggestions while you are putting your kits together, please call or email me! :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

March Specials

I am very excited about the March specials. The Fresh Spring Kit below is the cutest stamp set ever! It's at the top of my wish list. All other special can be viewed on my webiste at Check out TAC News!

Cutest Kit Ever!!!

TAC™ Promotions

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Positive Outlook is the way to go!

I don't know about you but have had enough of the doom and gloom attitude because the economy isn't so great. I have always been a positive person so watching the news or hearing it just brings me down. We have cancelled our subscription to the paper and I am not watching the news for the next few months. It's time for all of us to keep positive and think good things. I think most of us have heard that the attitude creates what you get. So, I am thankful for my wonderful family, my fabulous friends, my specTACular businesses and just being able to do what God has called me to do.
I read in some magazine that looking through a scrapbook is one of the top 5 ways to beat the blues! So start scrapping and enjoy what you've got!
On a side note, I discovered, yes, I am technically challenged, but I am always eager to learn more. Anyways, you can click on any of the slideshows in the blog to view them larger! Duh to me!
Enjoy the last week of February! We are Marching into March with a Spectacular Attitude!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Marching into March!

I can't believe how time is flying by. My daughter has her birthday on March 25th. I have to get working on her party invites now that I have all the other March projects done. I have had some fun looking and making some fun projects from the scor-pal website. If you don't yet have this tool, I would really encourage you to consider it. It's easy getting it at half price having a get-together with some friends. Just ask me how!
The Card Caddy challenge I have planned for this month will be a great opportunity to stretch yourselves and learn how to use those scraps for your cards. This card caddy with the cards in it will make a great gift to a mom-friend! The challenge will be to make the best bunch of cards and/or the most unique designs. All participants will vote and the winners for best and most unique designs will get to choose one of TAC's beautiful Soar With It Collections. A SWIC comes with 5 coordinating patterned papers and a sheet of embellishments. It's so easy to make cards and scrapbooks when you already know the paper coordinates!
The Triangle Easter Basket will be a fun project for you and your kiddos to come do during Spring Break. It will make a nice hostess gift for a special Easter brunch or dinner or your kids might enjoy giving it to one of their friend!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Being an Angel is so rewarding

It never ceases to amaze me how much I love what I do but when you get an email from a contact that makes you cry a good cry it just means so much. I may not make a ton of money but I am doing what I love, am able to stay-at-home for my family and seem to be making a difference and an impact on the lives of others. I am just so thankful I found The Angel Company and will continue to create, teach and inspire as long as I can. If you need to make a little extra cash and love creating with paper, I would be happy to pass on all the info you need to make an informed decision.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The New TAC Magaloge is Awesome1

I just love it. It's got lots of ideas for mini projects along with ideas on techniques. I love how they challenge us with the Try It! ideas. Here's a slideshow of it. It at least gives you and idea of all the fun stuff it has. If you would like a copy of the magalogue, I would be happy to send it to you or deliver if you are in my area. Just drop me an email or phone call. The cost is $2.95 or free if you would like to host a funshop. Why not get a couple friends together and play! It's really a piece of cake! Enjoy the slideshow!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Magalogue in the House!

Oh, I can't wait to show you! It's just fabulous! Lots and lots of new stamp sets. My wish list is growing by a mile! I love them all. Some great ones for scrapbooking, too! There's also some great new embellisments and acrylic albums. I will have to start getting a project together for a class. Oh fun! The whole thing is just so inspiring. Lots of tips and projects and even a challenge or two. It's just so awesome! If you can't make an event of mine soon, contact me and I can deliver a magalogue to you. The cost is $2.95. It's so worth it!!! :) Book a funshop and get it for free along with the regular base catalogue! It's fun and more fun and so fun!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I am so excited about the February Projects!

I have had a blast designing 10 birthday cards for the card buffet on Feb 15th and the techniques we will be doing on Feb 7th for the From Card to Crop are so cool! I've got my faithbooking page together and now just have to decide on a photo that fits the scripture and what it's speaking to me about. I have put together a cute treat box for a funshop that will be happening before Valentine's Day and I am ready to start promoting my Cards for a Cause that will be on Jan 31st. I so hope you can swing by and make a card that I can send to a sick child, lonely homebound and/or nursing home person, single mom's or a community worker that could use some appreciation. The new TAC magalogue will be here very very soon. I am so excited to see the new stuff!!!! I can hardly stand it! I am having fun playing with some of my new stamps and I am sure you will be seeing them in my creations in the months ahead. I am getting some of my creations on to sell. Take a look at what's available so far at Later...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Workin It!

I have been going non-stop trying to prep for events and whatnot. I sometimes think I'm going to run out of creative juice but something always ends up giving me inspiration. Anyways, just want you to know I am workin it. I will be posting a slideshow of February's projects in the next few days. Stay tuned...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

SpeTACular Savings!

TAC™ Promotions

SpeTACular Savings!

Wow, this is so exciting. Do you have a wish list a mile long? Well, now you can get some of those items on your wish list for 50% off! That is just too cool! I am going to go and figure out what stamp sets I am going to get. All T-coded stamps sets. That's most of the stamp sets in the catalog and you can get unlimited numbers of them. The promotion officially begins January 6th but go ahead and start making your list of stamps you want and call or email me if you live in COS or order directly through my website Starts Jan 6th!

Matthew Sermon Series #1

Matthew Sermon Series #1
Faithbooking-Applying the Word to your Life