Saturday, September 22, 2007

What have I been up to!

I got this idea from my up-line while at her house. I just love the thought of using one 12x12 paper to make this little book and a few scraps/stamps or stickers to decorate it. I am going to add this to my list of workshops to do. I think I will go ahead and do a Halloween brag book workshop. I just finished one for Christmas as well. Going to try making a bunch of them for a craft fair I am going to do at the beginning of December. This is a real craft fair as opposed to the other fairs I did which were just any business fairs.
I have got several other scrapbooks in the works. I started a 6x6 book for my cats. Started a heritage 8x8 for my grandparents, an 8x8 book for Renessaince Festival pictures, a Thanksgiving 6x6 book and an 8x8 Christmas book. Plus, I just got more pictures from the last part of 2005 so I am getting some scrapbook pages done and decided to do a whole book for my cruise/40th birthday pictures. It needed it's own book! I am trying to do that with my consistency formula so I can get it done rather than do every page differently. It's a little more challenging doing it with the 12x12 size but so far it's looking good. I will post pictures when I get it done along with my other smaller books. My mom is going to be here next week and is bringing a bunch of pictures of me and my brother and sister. I get to scrapbook for her and she will pay me. Woohooooo! I just love scrapbooking!!! :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Christmas is just around the corner, Really!

Before we know it, Christmas will be here. So, I have started the gift and card making countdown. I ordered the Vintage Christmas collection and the Amelia collection to play around with. I am really liking the results of my experimentation. I've got a couple of ideas I am going to be working on in terms of homemade gifts. I will have to show you what I come up with when I get something done.
I traded a 6x6 custom-made scrapbook for a hair cut and chin wax. You don't know how excited that makes me! I manage to get my hair cut maybe twice a year. It's just one of those self-sacrificing things I do to try to keep under budget which we never manage to do but at least we try. Shelly, my new hairstylist, is going to keep me looking good and hair free on the chin and I will be going through and start working on more scrapbooks for her. The first one was of pictures of her baby daughter for a brag book for grandparents that haven't seen her yet. It came out so cute. I love doing the girly books.
If you know anyone that wants a scrapbook made, tell them to give me a holler. I am willing to trade for other services/products depending on what they are, of course. Not going to trade for something I don't need or want. Duh!
I did a premade scrapbook for a donation for the Gleneagle's Women's Club. It's for their silent auction for the Wine and Roses fundraiser.
Still working on getting the premade scrapbooks I have done on ebay. Got the mailing stuff figured out so just have to get with Nathan to get it posted on ebay.

Matthew Sermon Series #1

Matthew Sermon Series #1
Faithbooking-Applying the Word to your Life