Sunday, March 13, 2011

Create a Critter inspiration

Thanks to my good friend, Michelle, I was introduced to the cartridge for the Cricuit called Create a Critter. She helped me put together a farm page with some cows. I was so thrilled because I told my cousin I would make her a scrapbook of her baby's first couple of months and his room is all done up in a farm theme.  I got lucky last week and found some farm paper to use through Oriental Trading but the Cricuit cartridge is gold! I created my daughter's birthday invites last week using the stripes cat. It was so cute.  I didn't make enough to keep one so I will have to go back and make one more to include in the scrapbook for her birthday. So, I wanted to try making another card with a critter so I came up with this book mark card.  I made it for a mom or mom-to-be specifically but it could be used for anyone.  I cut a slit in the middle of my card and put the paper on top and bottom of the slit so it doesn't show.  I ended up sizing the book mark at 4 inches long so it wouldn't come out the bottom of the card but not come over the top either. I ended up putting a band of card stock on the inside to keep the book mark bottom down as a kind of anchor so the top part doesn't want lean forward as much. For a first attempt creation, I am pretty happy with it. I created a Mother's Day card using one of the easiest ever techniques out there. Not sure what you call the technique. I think it might be the overstamp technique where you stamp one image and than do some stamping of image without re-inking. I also added the kissing technique and got some words lifted off the butterfly with that technique. That is a very cool technique but you need more filled in stamps.  That's not the term for that but you will see what I mean by looking at the card. I threw together a Father's Day card with the kite stamp and some paper I got recently at Scrap for Less. All in all a productive afternoon.  I hope to do more today but I will be going with a friend to a parenting seminar at my church.  I need some new tools to deal with my very spirited almost 8 year old daughter! :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Playing with some new stamps and the Copic Markers

I got some new stamp sets recently that were featured last month on the savvy projects blog for TAC.  I love the concept of a designer each day and showing all kinds of ideas! I was inspired to say the least. I tried my copic marker out for the first time.  You will see in the Hedge Hog Happy Card that the red balloon got a bit too much ink.  It was dripping wet when I first opened it.  I did it on regular white card stock and soon was able to see why many angels commeted when we first got the Copic markers that you really want to use the "right" card stock.  I did pick up some of TAC premium white just in case and was glad I did. I did try coloring on the premium card stock and it looked SO much better. I love the Hedge Hog set which is a Level 2 hostess set that I got for free.  Nice! I also got the Cups filled with Love stamp set.  I don't think that is the name. I don't have the Fall catalog so I will have to go to TAC website and look up the name again so I can label my set appropriately. I tried coloring the tea cup with water color pencils but didn't really like the end result too much. I decided to go with easy and stamped the tea cup on my patterned paper I was going to use for the card and cut out the middle of the tea cup and pasted it over another stamped tea cup that I had used just a quick chalk coloring on.  I personally like to be able to get my coloring done quick!  I have never wanted to spend more than a 1/2 hour making just one card! Ugh. That's not me. So, this card ended up pretty nice and didn't take me TOO long. Time to play is limited these days so I have to keep it real!

Matthew Sermon Series #1

Matthew Sermon Series #1
Faithbooking-Applying the Word to your Life