Saturday, August 21, 2010

Portrait Pages

I have been getting back to the roots of my creativity with scrapbooking. It is my true love and passion. I started creating what I call portrait pages a couple of years ago. I put them in frames and they adorn the walls of my home. I have had so many positive comments about them. I really think it is something everyone can do. It's a great way to do get some of those memories captured on a scrapbook page with the photos. I look back at some of the other portrait pages framed on my walls that are just the photo and now can only fagely remember how old my child was and never-mind remembering any details. Those memories are forever stuck in my brain and will only be retreivable, I am hoping, when I get to heaven. It does break my hear to look at a photo and just barely remember much about it. That's why I take scrapbooking so to heart. And I know I am not the only one with a memory system that doesn't work well. I have also wanted to figure out a way to help schools and other organizations raise money for their programs. I thought this would be a great way to help people get some memories onto a scrapbook page with a photo and at the same time they can help their school/etc. I created a slide show with some example of portrait pages I have created. Most are written in my handwriting but they can also be done using fonts on the computer. I can do portrait page kits too for those that would like to use their own handwriting on their scrapbook page. The page is already put together so you just add the photo, write your journaling and adhere to page. I have it figured out so that a fundraiser can be done anywhere in the U.S. Thank God for the post office and FedEx. Please contact me with any questions you might have and I would be delighted to help.

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Matthew Sermon Series #1
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