Monday, October 6, 2008

Preparing your new TAC stamps

I love my TAC stamps and so will you but first we've got to get them ready for you to use. They have come in a regular bulky plactic case. There is the rubber sheet with the images and a sheet of Creative Cling to match.
First off, we index our stamps. This means you will be putting the image on the cling side of the Creative Cling. Lay the sheet of rubber with images on a flat surface. Use black ink(I prefer StazOn ink because of the super fast drying time, other black inks will need about an hour to dry on the Creative Cling surface). Ink up the image. Peel off the white paper on the cling side which is the smooth side. Each rubber sheet has a 4 digit number in one of the corners. Use this corner as your guide. Lay the Creative Cling smooth side down on top of the inked up rubber sheet using the numbered corner as your starting point. Pull off the Creative Cling, clean rubber sheet.
Secondly, you will attach the Creative Cling to your rubber sheet. Use the numbered corner to match up the rubber sheet image with the stamped image on the Creative Cling.
And finally you are ready to cut the rubber sheet. Cut with the rubber image facing up so you won't accidently cut into the rubber image. Cut with straight lines as close to image as possible. Do not undercut the Creative Cling which means you are angling your scissors under the rubber image! Keep your scissors straight up and down or angled outward.
You can store them in notebooks or CD cases. Please do not store on Acetate sheets!!!
I personally use the CD cases. You must buy the regular size CD cases and take out the inserts, then label. I have over 50 stamp sets on ONE shelf! If you have any questions regarding getting your stamps ready, please don't hestitate to drop me an email or call me. I want you to be able to use The Angel Company's wonderful stamps and enjoy them like I do!

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