Monday, July 27, 2009

Life adjustments

The last couple of weeks have been so wild. I went into an interview, got the job before I left and was working at in 3 days later. The job itself is a good fit for me as it is part-time during school hours and not a stress making kind of job. The hard part has been getting child care for my daughter until school starts. My son is old enough to babysit but I can't subject both of them to the torture of being together like that M-F. Thank God for my friends and family who have taken my daughter on most days. She's having more fun now than before my job started! I have had lots less time to create and am working on balancing my family, business and other pursuits without any on particular one suffering. I will have to scale back on business stuff but it will probably be more on the creating scrapbooks for other end. I love the classes I do and just don't want to let that go. I had to create an easier designing method for my card buffets. It was much quicker to get all the designs done and the prep work should be very efficient so I will still be able to do them. I hope you will like having cards designed with the same paper collections. They are all different designs and for different occasions and I will make it so you can change the image or sentiment if you desire. Well, I must go get ready for work now but I will be back to the studio this afternoon and start cranking away getting ready for the One Stop Shop Back to School Fundraiser I will have a booth at on August 15th. ta,ta for now.

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Matthew Sermon Series #1

Matthew Sermon Series #1
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