Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oranization Goal Finished!

I got all my stamps into CD cases or my notebook, all images stamped in an image notebook so anyone can flip thru and look and see what I have. I have the stamp sets labeled in the notebook and on the CD cases. Plus, I put them in categories and labeled the shelves with the category names: Shapes & Letters, Animals & Insects, Fall & Winter, Spring & Summer, Misc. and Words. My stack of Word stamps is considerably larger then the rest so I guess you can figure out what I like to use. I think sometime in the near future I will go in and color all the stamp images using different mediums so people can see what they look like colored and see different mediums used.
My next goal is to work on getting my Photo Wallet Card Designs on I did a class with them last year which was my most popular class, even sold a few kits to people who couldn't come. Well, I improved the magnetic closure so it works better and is easier to add to the design. I already have 6 completed and another 15 kits done! So be on the look out for a slideshow of them coming very soon and I will let you know how my goal is progressing. Thanks to all posters for your comments and suggestions! Many minds working together can do wonders!

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Matthew Sermon Series #1

Matthew Sermon Series #1
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