Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Organizing our Creativity Stuff

This is one area I have found that people love to see when they come to my studio. They just go "ah, ha" when they see some of the ways that I keep my stamp sets organized. I have probably close to a hundred stamps sets at this point and it's almost impossible now to locate what you want or even remember what you have without some system. I initially started put my TAC stamps into CD cases and labeled them. I started marking the stamps sets that were discountinued with a yellow dot on the label so I knew they were no longer available to customers. I have let the large stamp sets that just can't fit into CD cases just sit in there original clam shells for way to long and finally got the notebook/page system that TAC sells to put them in but haven't had the time to do it. I am committing myself to the goal of cleaning up and finishing my organizing attempts by February 3rd. I figured if I can do a little bit everyday for a week I will be hopefully caught up on it. I also started a notebook that has all the stamp images I have on white cardstock and labeled with the stamp set name to make looking for what you want easy. Everyone loves this concept when they see it. Now, I just have to organize the stamps on my shelf into categories so you only have to look through one stack for the set you want rather then the whole entire collection. I will take some photos along the way on this journey and keep you posted on how things are coming together on my organization goal. It will really help to have it all organized so I can get back to creatiing without the "where is that stamp set?" problem.

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Melissa said...

Crafts are some of the hardest things as a professional organizer I find to organize. If I start by grouping like items together and realize that sometimes it is ok to break sets apart, it seems to go easier. For example maybe you have all of the Valentines stamps in one location, but you may want your "Love" stamps in 3 different locations (for example, birthday, valentines day and mothers day). Choose the location that best makes sense to you, because you are the one who will need to find it!

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Matthew Sermon Series #1
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