Sunday, May 9, 2010

My on-line store is ready!

It's so exciting to have everything come together. This has taken me months to work out but my on-line store is finally up and has two of my most popular creations, my accordion album and my scrap wallet card. I did the scrap wallet card as a class last year for Father's Day and it was my best class ever. My accordion albums I took to my networking group and sold 9 kits, 3 custom-made and one pre-made one. They both make the perfect unique thoughtful gifts and they are an inexpensive way to give a gift that receiver will totally cherish. These aren't cards that get thrown in the trash or stashed in a drawer for the next 20 years. These are keepsakes to be shared and displayed. I am now working on my latest creation I call my "Open-Faced Card". Like a standard size greeting card but it's a scrapbook page that stands up for display. I made one for my mom and for my mother in law for Mother's day and am working on getting some done for Father's Day. I am hoping these will be a big hit too. Visit my store at

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Matthew Sermon Series #1

Matthew Sermon Series #1
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