Monday, March 8, 2010

I Have Been on a Creating Spree!

I don't really ever seem to run out of inspiration but when I know I have some of my wonderful friends and customers coming to a Project Playground soon I just go crazy with wanting to create some new things that they will just love. I got my inspiration this time from a book I picked up at the library on mini scrapbooks. I love the concept of mini's because you can usually get them done within an hour or less and the cost is minimal. There are lots of ideas I want to try from this book but I went with a simple accordian album and WOW! I am loving the results. I made them using Miss Moxie and Willoughby Soar With It collections from The Angel Company because of the whole sheet of tag embellishments it comes with. It made it super easy to put together and with all my word stamp sets it was easy finish it off. I have put a couple kits together for the Project Playground so you can make one too. You can also buy a kit and make it on your own time. I will be ordering and making more in all the Soar with it Paper collections which you can see on Let me know if you would like an accordian album kit and in what paper collection. They will be $9 for the kit or $12 made up and embellished just for you. Project Playground is on Sat March 13th!

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Matthew Sermon Series #1

Matthew Sermon Series #1
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