Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a crafting weekend I have had!

The Project Playground was great fun on Saturday afternoon. Thanks to all the ladies that came. I can't say I got much done. It was just nice to sit and chat! I did get a few more of my Scrap Wallet Cards ready for sale and have been working on getting the photos ready so I can get them up on Today, I just was so in the mood! I pulled out the book from the library and ended up doing 3 other kinds of mini albums: a paper bag album, matchbook album and ribbon-tied accordion album. These will all be featured at future Project Playgrounds so you can make them too and I may have to get some together to sell as kits and all completed. It was just too much fun! Now I am ready to just be a bump on a log and sit and watch some TV. Time to vegitate before another work week starts. So, I am getting closer to my goal of getting some stuff up on-line to sell. It's all such a process and lots to figure out along the way but I can't wait to be able to share my crafts with more people. I am placing an order this week with TAC if you need anything, let me know. Okay, off to vegitate...

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Matthew Sermon Series #1

Matthew Sermon Series #1
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