Saturday, July 16, 2011

Never Under Estimate the Power of a Scrap!

Yesterday, on my lunch break at work, I took a look around the Spellbinders website to check into this new Presto Punch machine and looked in their gallery for ideas.  Well, I ended up getting a bad virus from the site onto my work computer and it is looking like they will have to re-build my computer. Great!? But the good news is I did get inspired to try the concept of using multiple spellbinders dies to create a card. So, this morning I looked at the dies that I currently have and saw a few scrap card stock pieces on the table and decided to use those and go from there.  I am very pleased with the results.  But as many of you may have already figured out I am not one to let scraps go to waste.  I looked at what was left over and ended up making three more cards of various designs utilizing what I had left. So the thought came to me that you really can Never Under Estimate the Power of a Scrap.  You may end up making your best card ever from scraps leftover from the last card you made! I have tried to organize my scraps but that is still a work in progress. I do have a left over envelope box I use for card sized scraps and another little basket for smaller scraps that could be used to create an photo corner or other embellishment piece. I also started a box of 1/2 paper strips because I like utilizing strips of paper in my designs for both cards and scrapbooks.  I have two over-flowing boxes full of larger scrap pieces that I need to get to and do something more with before they take over my whole studio. I have Major Mom coming to my house on Monday evening to do an evaluation. I heard them speak this week at my networking group and realized that maybe it was time to get some help before the clutter takes over everything. So, dig out some scraps today and see what you can come up with! You might be pleasantly surprised.

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Matthew Sermon Series #1
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