Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Organizing your photos

It's really no wonder why so many people put off doing anything with their photos. We take SO many of them these days with our digital cameras but they go into folders on our computer and many never be seen again. I took on the task of slowly but surely organizing my folders and re-naming them so I could find the photos when I was ready for them. I was showing a friend Studio J the other day and it became this daunting task trying to just locate a few photos so I could walk her through putting together a layout in Studio J. It really is a matter of organization so here are just a couple tips to get you started. Put all photos for one event in one folder and label them with the event name, month and year.  This will make finding your photos much easier. Now when you go into Studio J, you can upload all the photos in that folder for that event and you can click on them later to preview them larger so you can figure out which ones you want to use. We don't have to scrapbook them all. Just the good photos and no duplicates or similar photos, just enough to tell the story.
This is a darling Christmas stamp set that you can get for just $5 measily bucks when you purchase $25.

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Matthew Sermon Series #1
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