Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Snow Inspiration

This past Saturday we woke up to a blizzard, at least it seemed that way at our house. You can drive 1 mile south and it's not snow, it's rain. It makes living here interesting to say the least. But the snow kept me from getting out to do errands and in the studio to craft. I had just recevied the Wonderland Paper Pack from Close to My Heart and was just inspired to create using this wintery paper. I decided to try making another magnet card so that the recipient can take off the front piece and use as a fridge magnet. It's a card and a gift all in one.  I dropped it in the mail box on Monday to get it in for the World Card Making contest but discovered that the post office was closed on Monday. Great! They specifically said it has to be postmarked by Oct 10th but the darn post office wasn't open.  I will see about emailing them and ask that they consider counting my card towards the contest even though the post mark is going to say the 11th. I don't think they realized it was Columbus day either.

I did lots of embossing on this card including edging the papers in ink and applying sparkle embossing powder so I would have a sparkly edge. I found some pre-made silver bows that I had in my stash forever that worked perfectly. I will have only two of these available to make at the Project Playground on Oct 23rd so 2 lucky ladies will be able to come and make but if you really like this all you need is the Wonderland Paper Pack, I Believe Stamp Set, Blue ink, Sparkle embossing powder and some white card stock.  I would gladly give you the card recipe so you can make this wonderful winter card. www.ctmh.com/janinerobertson

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Matthew Sermon Series #1
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