Sunday, October 2, 2011

Creating keeps my mind off of...

my shoulder pain. I went to the doctor on Thursday for it and turns out I have a bone spur and the machine at the YMCA triggered a swelling in that area. So, doc hooks me up with a steriod shot which I had before when I hurt my other shoulder from our indoor sky diving adventure a couple of years ago. All seemed pretty good until I woke up Saturday morning with more pain in my arm and all over that area. It was a different kind of pain, a burning pain which was a big indication to me that I was having an allergic reaction. It could only be from the shot. So, my creating on Saturday was only a blessing in that it kept me focused not on the pain I was feeling but my oh my I was hurting bad. Thankfully, I got a good nights sleep and it seemed a bit better in the morning and with IB profin it has been much more tolerable today so I managed to get more accomplished today but I am not quite finished with todays project so I won't be posting it just yet but I wanted to share with you the scrapbook layout I made with the Typeset Paper Pack of my two kids school portraits from last year. I thought I better get them done now before we get to far along into this school year and the memories of last year start fading away. I love to outcome.  I always tell people if you aren't into scrapbooking at the very least make one page a year with your kids school portraits.  I will be putting all of theirs in a book all it's own so we can see how they have grown and changed from year to year. So another weekend bites the dust and off to my work week I go...

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Matthew Sermon Series #1

Matthew Sermon Series #1
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